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Charis manage schemes on behalf of companies, authorities and charities.

This page is designed for individuals to identify which schemes are currently open for applications, or those schemes which are coming soon.

We ask that all customers looking to make an application to any scheme, first read our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) on this page for general information. These FAQ’s will give you quick questions and answers, which will help you when applying to a scheme, and will help you later on throughout the application process. So please check back if you need more help.

For those schemes which are open you may be directed away from our website to scheme providers to apply, or to view more information. For the schemes coming soon, we recommend you register your interest as early as possible. Remember that registering your interest is not an application, but a request to be contacted when a future scheme opens.

Scheme providers

Below are the partners for whom we manage schemes. Please select your supplier to find out which schemes are currently open or coming soon.

Open schemes

Below are the schemes which are currently open. If you are would like to make an application please click on the ‘Apply’ button for your energy supplier, this will take you to our applications login page. If you are a customer looking for more information about a scheme, please click the ‘More info’ button, and this will take you to the supplier’s website for more information.

Currently open

Energy Fund

E.ON Next provides support for household energy bills to those who may be struggling. This could be a grant towards bills or help to buy standard freestanding appliances. We may require you to take actions to help you get back on track with your energy payments.

Currently open

Customer Support Fund

EDF provides support for individuals struggling to manage household energy debt. As well as providing support for standard freestanding appliances. We may require you to take actions to help you get back on track with your energy payments.

Coming soon!

Below are all of the schemes that are coming soon. There is often a large number of applicants for the schemes below. We suggest you register your interest as early as possible, in order to be contacted when we open the scheme.

Coming Soon!

Let’s Talk Energy Fund

Charis partner with UK energy companies to support households, who may be struggling, through the Let’s Talk Energy Fund. The Fund aims to help people in England, Scotland or Wales providing support with energy bills as well as standard freestanding appliances and boilers.

Customers of any energy supplier can apply. Register your interest to be notified when the scheme opens.

Coming Soon!

Warm Home Discount

The Park Homes Warm Home Discount scheme is funded by contributions from various energy suppliers and offers support to those who live permanently in a Park Home and pay their electricity bills directly to their site owner. Do not apply if you receive your bill from a national energy supplier.

If you have already made an application and responded to our request to supply supporting documents you’ll be notified of the outcome by the end of March.

Additional support from Charis

At Charis we try to make it as easy as possible for people to get the help they need. I love working with a team that constantly wants to support those applying to a Charis managed scheme and who strive to make the process to do it as stress-free as possible.
Marilyn Martinez - Charis Team Member
At Charis we try to make it as easy as possible for people to get the help they need. I love working with a team that constantly wants to support those applying to a Charis managed scheme and who strive to make the process to do it as stress-free as possible.
Marilyn Martinez - Charis Team Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Fund FAQs

Have you been impacted by the rise in cost of living?

We understand that some customers may be finding it harder to manage their energy bills. If you’re struggling or think your bill isn’t right, please contact your energy supplier directly. We partner with the below suppliers to help vulnerable customers. Complete an application online with us today on

Alternatively, you can contact our partners directly using the info below:

If your supplier isn’t listed above then, currently we don’t work with them. However, you can keep checking our funds on to see if funding becomes available. You can also visit their website directly for advice.

For the latest government financial support advice please visit here.

Alternatively, anyone can get free advice from the below organisations:

StepChange Debt Charity – Freephone 0800 138 1111 or
Turn2Us National
National Debt Line – Freephone 0808 808 4000 or
Advice UK – Freephone 0300 777 0107 or
Payplan – Freephone 0800 280 2816 or

What can I get help with?

Charis administer funds on behalf of some energy companies to help people who need support with energy bills, freestanding appliances, boiler repairs or boiler replacements. The funds we currently administer are:

  • EDF Customer Support Fund – If you have outstanding debt and are a current customer of EDF you can apply for debt relief. You can also apply separately or with the debt relief for replacement energy efficient freestanding appliances.
  • E.ON Next Energy Fund – If you have outstanding debt and are a current customer of E.ON Next you can apply for debt relief. You can also apply separately or with the debt relief for replacement energy efficient freestanding appliances.
  • Charis Let’s Talk Energy Fund – SSE part of the OVO Energy Group have confirmed their support to households who may be struggling through our Let’s Talk Energy Fund.

Complete an application online with us today on our individuals page.

How long does it take to complete an application form?

It can take up to 45 minutes to complete an online application if you have all the information to hand. Start your application today on our individuals page.

How long will it take to process my application before I get a decision?

We’ll review your application within 6 days, but we may have to wait for a balance on your account. Please make sure you have provided your supplier with up to date meter readings as this will make the process quicker.

I am struggling to upload my evidence, what can I do?

If you’re using a mobile phone or tablet to upload documents, it’s useful to turn the device sideways (landscape) in order to fully view the screen for the file classification option to appear. Make sure you upload each document individually. Don’t create a ‘zip file’ as this will not upload. Alternatively, you can email or freepost your evidence using the information below:

EDF Customer Support Fund –


E.ON Next Energy

Address: Freepost EON NEXT ENERGY FUND

Let’s Talk Energy


For more helpful tips please view our Application Advice brochure.

I can’t take a picture or scan my documents – how can I send them to you?

If you’re unable to upload copies of the documents using the portal then, another option is to reply to the email we sent and attach the documents. Remember to attach your documents before sending. Something else you can do is post photocopies (not originals) to the freepost address given. You don’t need to use a stamp as the postage has been paid.

For more helpful tips please visit our Application Advice brochure.

Why have I received a letter / email asking for information that I have already provided?

The information you have sent may not be acceptable, please double check the below and send it to us again:

  • Check it has your full name and current address
  • Check it’s no older than 12 months
  • Check it shows your health diagnosis
  • Check any payments show the amount and calculations
  • Check your email or letter there may be a specific reason as to why we cannot accept the information
  • Check the to see if all pages of the documents are shown

I have been asked to provide a budget sheet as evidence, who can help me with this?

We recommend all applicants complete a Budget Sheet. However, for some of our funds it’s mandatory. You can do this with a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approved Adviser, to find one near you go to All FCA approved citizens advice advisers provide a service which is free.

I’ve applied, but my energy supplier is still contacting me for payment, what do I do?

Let them know that you’ve applied, they may be able to add a hold to your account while your application is being processed. If you’ve been awarded you may need to contact your energy supplier, to set up a payment plan. Check your provisional award letter or email for details.

I’ve been provisionally awarded, why have I been asked to set up a provisional payment plan?

A provisional payment plan will temporarily replace any existing payment plan you may have. It’ll help prove that you can pay for your ongoing energy usage before being awarded. The energy suppliers want to help you to manage your ongoing usage to prevent you from getting into debt again.  All the provisional payments are dealt with by your energy supplier.

When does my provisional payment plan end?

The payment plan is set up between you and your supplier, they will explain when your first and last payment is due. Remember to keep a note of this, and when payments have been successfully made, we’ll let you know when your account will be credited with the award amount.

When you’ve made the final payment within the provisional period it’s important to continue with your payment plan to in order to pay for your ongoing energy usage to prevent getting into debt in the future.

What if my Energy supplier goes bust?

If your supplier goes out of business, Ofgem’s safety net will ensure you’ll always have an energy supply, click here for more information.’

Where do I go for support if I am not eligible for assistance with Charis?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist everyone. If you have applied with us or you do no meet any of the criteria but still need further support please see the below:


Alternatively, anyone can get free advice from the below organisations:

Citizens Advice –
StepChange Debt Charity – Freephone 0800 138 1111 or
Turn2Us National Charity –
National Debt Line – Freephone 0808 808 4000 or
Advice UK – Freephone 0300 777 0107 or
Payplan – Freephone 0800 280 2816 or

Freestanding Appliance FAQs

I need a freestanding appliance – how can you help me?

Charis partner with some energy suppliers to help provide freestanding appliances to customers in desperate need through energy funding schemes. Complete an application online with us today on our individuals page.

If your energy supplier isn’t listed on the individual’s page you can register your interest through our Let’s Talk Energy Fund. When funding becomes available, we’ll let you know.

I’ve been awarded a freestanding appliance – how do I arrange delivery?

If you’ve been awarded an appliance, you’ll be contacted to arrange delivery within 10 working days. This will be a telephone call and should not take longer than a few minutes. It’ll involve a few questions to ensure that delivery and connection can happen safely and legally. If you’ve already arranged a delivery date and wish to change this, please contact the supplier.

Can I change the make, model, or type of appliance, and can I change the size or colour?

The fund only provides standard freestanding household appliances. We cannot change the size, make, model or type of appliance provided. The funds are put together to help customers who are in desperate need of an appliance therefore, we cannot accept customer requests, changes, or additional payments towards other appliances.

Can I have delivery without connection?

The funds are unable to award appliances without the agreement of delivery and connection. Appliances must be connected at the point of delivery by a member of the supplier’s delivery team. If the appliance cannot be connected, it will not be left at your property. The delivery would need to be rearranged, providing connection can happen at a later date.

Can I have my appliance delivered to a different address?

It would depend on the reason and circumstance. We’d need to check that the new arrangements meet the funding obligations. Please email us on or call 01733 421069 to talk about this further and we’ll see what we can do.

My delivery failed – what do I do now?

To rearrange delivery of your appliance please contact the supplier. If your delivery failed because connection couldn’t take place, please make sure any recommendations by the delivery team are made so that connection can happen. The funds can only authorise three delivery attempts. If the appliance has not been successfully delivered and connected after a third attempt, we’ll need to withdraw the award. This would not affect any other awards on the application.

The appliance was delivered but has now developed a fault – what do I do?

You’ll need to contact the supplier to report the fault, they should be able to arrange a repair if the appliance is still under warranty. They may need some information such as a serial number, but they will tell you where to find this. If they need proof of purchase, please request this by emailing

I’ve been awarded an appliance but no longer need it – what should I do?

Let us know as soon as possible by emailing or calling 01733 421069. We’ll withdraw the appliance on your behalf but, please make sure this what you want because once it has been withdrawn, we cannot reinstate it. If you have other awards on your application, they will not be affected by this decision.

Housing Association FAQs

Can I apply for help and what can I get help with?

Charis administer grants on behalf of some housing associations to offer a range of services to help people be the best they can be. We currently partner with:

  • Clarion Futures– Clarion Futures is the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group. It’s designed to support residents and the wider community in a range of employment and training opportunities. Visit to find out more, or speak to an Employment Support Officer (ESO) or email and they will help you with your training, employment or business journey.


  • Sovereign – Sovereign grants invest in people who live in Sovereign homes and communities. They provide the tools to transform lives for the better and build a positive future. Find out what’s available for you and your community when you log into your account at

Fuel Voucher FAQs

How can Charis help with emergency energy fuel?

Charis partner with the Energy Suppliers, Fuel Bank Foundation, selected food banks, advice agencies and housing associations to help support vulnerable customers by giving them access to energy when they most need it.

Can I apply for a voucher?

You can, however this is a referral process and the application must be done through a selected food bank or advice agency or housing association. Tell the person referring you who your energy supplier is as this will affect the type of voucher you can receive. If you’re unsure who is authorised in your area to help, please visit your local Citizens Advice.

How can I redeem my voucher?

There are two types of voucher, so depending which one you have, will depend on where you can go to redeem it. You’ll need your email or SMS message voucher code with you and your meter key or card.

  • Pay point voucher – You’ll need to visit your local convenience store or supermarket.Paypoint have a webpage which provides details of stores who have recently redeemed Energy or Cash vouchers and will be familiar with the process-
  • Post office voucher – You’ll need to visit your local post office or a post office counter in a newsagents or other local convenience store. Paypoint and Post Office vouchers cannot be redeemed at Payzone outlets

My voucher isn’t working, what should I do?

British Gas and Scottish Gas customers can only use Post Office vouchers so double check who your energy supplier is. If you’ve got an incorrect voucher type and need to change it then you need to speak to the person who submitted the application and they will contact us directly to make a voucher change request for you.

It’s been 24hrs, why haven’t I received my voucher yet?

If the application was submitted on Friday after 5pm, you may not receive it until Monday. Have you double checked your text messages, email junk or spam folder? Speak to the person who submitted the application and make sure the correct contact details were added as this is where the voucher would’ve been sent too. If for any reason the contact information on the application is incorrect, they will contact us directly to make a voucher change request for you.

Warm Home Discount FAQs

What is the Warm Home Discount?

Warm Home Discount 2022/23 is a government scheme where participating energy supplier’s credit £150 (including VAT) onto your electricity bill to help towards the cost of your energy bills, click here for more information. Details about the 2022/23 scheme will be announced soon.

How do I apply?

Check your energy supplier’s website for the most up to date information regarding, further information about the 2022/23 scheme will be announced soon.

What is Park Homes Warm Home Discount and how can I apply?

If you’re a permanent resident living in a Park Home in England, Scotland or Wales and pay your electricity direct to your park site owner you can apply for a £150 payment to help towards the cost of your energy bills. Applications are considered on a first come first serve basis. Check here for more information. ​

How can Charis support me with my application?

Charis partner with some Energy Companies to help qualify as many customers as possible for the rebate of £150. We specialise in checking evidence for customers on behalf of our partners. If we’ve contacted you asking for evidence, then you’ll need to logon to our portal and upload your evidence to be checked.​ Check out our scheme providers section here to see if we partner with your Energy provider.​

I can’t find the evidence you need, what should I do?

If you can’t find the evidence that you need, don’t worry as there’s people you can contact for help. You can contact your GP for medical evidence and ask for a medical summary as this is free of charge. You can contact your employer or payment provider for income evidence, such as wage slips. You can contact Pension Service or the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for benefit payment evidence. Please click here or useful contact info.

I’m struggling to keep warm in the winter, is there any other support available?

If you’re struggling to stay warm over the winter months, please make sure you contact your Energy supplier to see if any other help is available, alternatively you can visit Citizens Advice or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Click here for other help.

When will I get paid?

If your application for Warm Home Discount 2021/22 was successful, you’ll get your payment by 31st March 2022. Usually, you’ll see a Warm Home Discount credit on your bill or statement. All payments are made by participating energy suppliers. We don’t get involved in payments unless you’ve been awarded as part of Park Homes Warm Home Discount.

I’m expecting a BACs payment from Park Homes Warm Home Discount, what will it look like on my account?

The £150 payment will have your WHD reference number as the payment reference on your bank statement.

I’ve selected ‘cheque payment’ on my Park Homes Warm Home Discount application form, can I change my mind?

We can’t change any information once your form has been submitted. We offer BACs payments so make sure you complete this part of the application form with your bank details before pressing submit.

I have received a Park Homes Warm Home Discount cheque – what do I do now?

You need to bank your cheque within 4 weeks. If you don’t have a bank account you will need to arrange to cash your cheque locally but it may incur charges.

What if my personal details on the Park Homes Warm Home Discount cheque are incorrect?

The name on the cheque will be the name given on your application form, so please make sure it is correct before pressing submit. If you have received a cheque that doesn’t match your bank account name, you will need to contact us using the details on your email/letter.

I have responded to the request to supply documents to support my Warm Home Discount request but have not heard anything yet. When will I hear back?

Thank you for responding to our request to supply documents to support your Warm Home Discount application. The Charis team are now working closely with your energy supplier to process your application. If we need more information, we will contact you, otherwise you’ll receive a decision by the end of March at the latest.

Will the scheme be available in 2022/23 like it has been in previous years?

Following changes announced to the Warm Home Discount Scheme 2022/23 in the Governments WHD consultation we now have the outcome for England & Wales. You can visit our news section for a brief overview of the main elements of the new look scheme. Please be aware that Scotland has yet to complete a consultation, once we have further information we will update our website with more details to keep you informed.