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About Us

Charis was launched in 2003 – with a simple purpose to support those in hardship with a utility debt.

Charis is a trusted administrator for many essential funds and grants, working on behalf of major companies, local authorities and charities. We supply an efficient service for any organisation needing to safely distribute financial support and assistance, whilst being compliant with complex and regulatory criteria.

Charis started by managing The Anglian Water Trust alongside the EDF Energy and British Gas Trusts, which were designed to support vulnerable people. From this beginning, we prioritised the creation of pathway to sustainability for those who are given support, providing people with help, rather than just a hand-out.

We believe this attention to future sustainability and our developed knowledge of our client’s specialist needs, has helped to differentiate Charis services and to make us a partner of choice.  We seek to reduce the administrative burden of our clients, whilst we work hard to improve the lives of people by applying compassion, creativity and care to the safe delivery of financial support, products and services.

Charis was instrumental in helping to design and support the launch of Ofgem’s Warm Home Discount scheme for all the major energy suppliers.  Since then, we have continued to diversify and expand, working as an extension to the back offices of charities, housing associations, citizen’s advice, and local authorities.

We deliver our support through the provision of tailored, managed services and through the unique Charis Shop Platform, a facility which gives 24/7 client access to many products and services, offering immediate support to those who need it most.

The Charis journey

From our humble beginnings back in 2003 Charis is now the go-to administrator for many essential funds and grants on behalf of major companies, authorities and charities.

We are proud of the positive outcomes we make in people’s lives.

Our experience collaborating with a wide range of clients enables us to work effectively with your organisation to build a unique process that will help you achieve your social, regulatory, commercial and environmental goals.

We always take the long term view to working in partnership with our clients to create and manage sustainable schemes or projects that provide better outcomes for people and communities. This is the Charis way.

Whether we are beginning a new partnership or working with one of our extensive portfolio of on-going partners, we are able to provide a smarter, more holistic approach which will better meet the needs of your customers by challenging the norm and providing a path to sustainable and financial wellbeing.

As well as providing measurable results, we believe it’s our empathetic approach and the level of compassion and support we offer that really sets us apart. We understand the challenges vulnerable people may have and can manage a wide range of situations. This has been crucial in our ongoing success.

We are proud of the positive outcomes we make in people’s lives.

Meet the team

We’ve got decades of experience here at Charis.
Here are some of the key individuals who make it happen.

Allyson Broadhurst


Allyson took over Charis in 2011 after undertaking leadership roles in the NHS and is passionate about delivering meaningful support and power interventions to some of the most vulnerable in society. Over the past decade, she has worked closely with Charis’ commercial partners to ensure that they are able to help an increasing number of individuals and families get the support they need.

Alec Broadhurst


Alec joined the family company in 2015 and has since worked on several different projects and initiatives with partners and customers alike. He took a position on the Board in 2020 and now works closely with Charis’ leadership team to steer the evolution of Charis to ensure that it continues to meet the changing needs of those who it works with and supports.

Graham Ayres

Chair of the Board

Chair of the Board since 2020, Graham is a qualified accountant and has held senior management and Board positions across a range of sectors including manufacturing, financial services, publishing, and digital media. Having previously been an advisor to Charis, Graham “was delighted to join the Board of a company which blends high professional standards and commercial expertise with progressive family values.”

Nicola Eastwood

HR Director

After a career in large corporations, Nicola joined Charis in 2016 as HR Director to experience a family led business with a mission to ‘make a difference’. Nicola is responsible for the people strategy at Charis and enjoys the variety and challenge that is found in a small business.

Simon Bicknell

Finance Director

Simon joined Charis in 2021 as Finance Director and Company Secretary. A Chartered Accountant, Simon has previously held Finance leadership roles in both the Public and Commercial sectors across a range of different industries including Retail and Financial Services. He enjoys working with the Senior Leadership team on a dynamic business model as Charis strives to achieve ever improving customer outcomes.

Anna Bentley

Client Services Director

Anna is the go-to person for our partnerships with housing associations and the public sector – in particular supporting them access to critical services delivered through the Charis Shop. Before joining Charis in 2018, she has had extensive experience in developing commercial relationships in various  business sectors. Anna is passionate about working closely with our partners creating new initiatives and solutions – getting help to the people who need it quickly and efficiently.