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Let’s talk hardship
24/7 access to many products and services which offer immediate support to those who need it the most in your communities.

The Charis Shop is a simple and easy to use platform that enables you to get critical support to the people who need it most in your community.

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Coordinate, manage and record as your team get critical support to people quickly
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Local authorities

Vouchers are a great way to support your community with the cost of living
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Housing associations

Empower your staff to work with residents to help them become financially sustainable


Providing support to a customer in need, could make a huge difference to their life
Number of Purchase made on the platform in 2022
700 +
Organisations registered on the Charis Shop platform
Energy vouchers bought and distributed in 2022
Supermarket vouchers bought and distributed in 2022

Frequently asked questions

What is the Charis Shop?

The Charis Shop is a web-based platform which is designed to give your organisation the ability to facilitate emergency assistance for your customers who are in immediate need, prior to you working with them to achieve a sustainable future in the longer-term.

How much is it to use the platform?

There is no fee for an organisation to join the Charis Shop, which involves you completing a simple registration form. Once we receive this, as part of our due diligence and anti-money laundering procedures, we will complete a series of Know Your Customer checks based on the information you provide. This can take two working days to complete.

There is an admin fee of £3.50 plus VAT for each voucher which is purchased. There may also be some additional costs if your organisation would like some bespoke requirements.

How does my organisation pay for vouchers?

The Charis Shop operates on a draw down basis: your organisation transfers funds to Charis, who credit them to your Shop account. Anyone who you give access to the account, will be able to purchase products as long as the account is in credit, without having to use company credit cards or purchase orders.

What can I purchase on the platform?

The Charis Shop offers a wide variety of support products which you can purchase, ranging from Energy and Cash vouchers, Supermarket vouchers,  Home Essentials, Furniture & Freestanding Appliances through to DIY and Hot Food.

How does my team access the Shop?

Our secure website provides you and your teams with 24-hour access to enable instant assistance to those who need it, when they need it the most. Each of your staff will have their own login details.

Your Account Administrator will be your representative who will have full control over your account including visibility of all purchases made, the account balance and access to the reporting suite as well as being able to give (or remove) access to the account to those in your organisation who need it. They will also be our point of contact with your organisation.

Can I set limits on how much we spend and what we can purchase?

Your Account Administrator will have the permission to be able to set a monthly spend limit for the organisation as well as setting monthly spend limits for staff members. This will allow you to be able to manage your budget accordingly.

Do I need to order a certain amount each month?

The Charis Shop is fully flexible to suit you and your customers’ needs. As such, we do not set any limits as to how much you purchase or transfer to your account each month. We recognise that funding avenues vary during the year.