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Shared family values of collaboration, creativity and support

The energy sector’s leading company supporting the most vulnerable in society has today announced a new partnership with branding and web specialists PLOTT.

Charis, a family-owned and run business based in the heart of Peterborough selected PLOTT from Coleshill, Warwickshire after an extensive search to find a strategic partner who would support the next phase of Charis’ development.

Alec Broadhurst, Board Director of Charis commented: ‘What attracted us most to PLOTT was their desire to move at pace whilst developing innovative creative content and ideas that better reflected our family’s values and our company’s vision. We deliver critical services on behalf of the energy sector as well as many charities and housing associations, and we were impressed by PLOTT’s willingness to co-create and work alongside us to refresh our brand and website to ensure many other families across Britain can better access the services that we provide’.

With more people than ever needing support, it was the ideal opportunity for the Charis team to reflect on where they had come from and craft a vibrant new brand to reflect their future ambitions.

Everyday we strive to improve the lives of the people and communities you serve. It’s why Charis exists.

Charis brand purpose

As part of the process, the PLOTT team delved deep to help Charis tell their story from their humble beginnings back in 2003, to becoming the go-to administrator for many essential funds and grants on behalf of major companies, authorities and charities.

Their vision and purpose helped PLOTT craft their new strapline ‘Improving Lifes Together’ and create a new corporate identity designed to ooze positivity and optimism. The familiar Charis orange remained but PLOTT introduced a wider brand toolkit to help them reach out to new sectors, whilst still being instantly recognisable and relevant to their current customers.

Anna Plotnek of PLOTT commented: ‘We were really inspired by the teams’ collective passion to deliver support to the most vulnerable people especially in these unprecedented times. It was a privilege to go on a journey of discovery and partner with the Charis family to bring their purpose and distinctive values to life in a creative and engaging way. We’re delighted with the outcome and really looking forward to developing the brand further with the team.’

If you would like to find out more about how Charis help partners and customers, please get in touch with the team.