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Charis Showcasing Partnership Approach at Cost of Living Conference

Charis Grants Ltd., the UK’s leading distributor of hardship funds for charities, local authorities and housing associations, will be speaking at the Cost of Living Conference taking place online on 19th January 2023.

The theme of the conference is ‘Working in Partnership to Provide Local Support’. Charis will be demonstrating how working in partnership with energy suppliers, white goods retailers, supermarkets, local authorities, charities, and citizen advice bureaus ensures much-needed funds are able to reach the right people quickly.

Charis’s business development director, Oliver Gray, commented: “The cost-of-living crisis is having a real impact on the levels of demand that many organisations are experiencing since the winter months set in. Research estimates that those falling into fuel poverty are doubling from four million to eight million, but there are so many other areas that are affected, from shopping to putting petrol in the car to having no access to funds for emergencies, such as replacing white goods and buying basic furniture.

“Many of our customers are demonstrating savings of up to 70 per cent on the cost of administering those funds, which means that more of those funds are able to go to those who need it most. Equally, we are getting reports of an increasing number of people seeking support who would never have asked before. These families are usually working and are showing signs of more hardship than those who have been on long-term benefits.”

As well as its online platform, the Charis Shop, the company works in partnership with a number of different agencies to streamline funds distribution.

Let’s Talk Energy is a collaboration between Charis and participating energy suppliers that provide fuel-poor individuals with energy consumption and debt support. Open from 7th November 2022 through to the end of March 2023 (or until all funds have run out); the fund is currently run in association with Utilita, Ovo, and So Energy, contributing to a combined pot of £1.3 million.

The link for the conference is here – The Cost of Living Conference 2023: Working in Partnership to Provide Local Support • Government Events.

Charis has also collaborated with CleverCards to develop a digital payment system that overhauls the time and administrative costs needed to distribute energy grants to households affected by the escalating increase in fuel bills this winter. The Digital Payment Card will give local authorities, charities, social housing associations and Citizen Advice Bureaus a fast, easy way to process grant payments, which are intended specifically for energy bills.

Charis Grants Ltd. is a privately owned company established in 2003 to facilitate the distribution of funds and grants by energy companies, charities, housing associations and other bodies, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, which help and support vulnerable people in the community.