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Charis Grants Hardship Energy Funds for 250K Home Residents

Charis Grants Ltd. has launched a hardship funds initiative specifically for the 250,000 people who are living permanently in park homes and static caravans across the UK. The company has highlighted how thousands of park home residents – many of whom are over sixty years old and in retirement – do not have a direct relationship with an energy supplier because they pay for their utilities to the site owners.

To this end, the Charis Park Homes scheme has identified a £150 Warm Home Discount to those residents who fulfil the eligibility criteria specified within the park home and static caravan environment. The scheme is Ofgem approved and regulated and has an online application process.

“There is a sector of society that live slightly off-grid and is not picked up by the usual systems but still meets the criteria required for financial and practical support”, commented Charis’s business development director, Oliver Gray. “They might not be aware that they are eligible for a hardship grant and are putting themselves under unnecessary pressure despite help being out there.”

The Park Homes scheme came out of a conversation between Charis and the Association of Park Home Residents to fully understand the nature of the problems faced by park home owners. After a small pilot, the scheme was originally rolled out in 2020/21, distributing over £3.3 million to nearly 24,000 park homes across the UK and Scotland.

Charis Grants Ltd. is a privately owned company established in 2003 to facilitate the distribution of funds and grants by energy companies, charities, housing associations and other bodies, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, which help and support vulnerable people in the community.