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Case Study

Park Homes

Charis were approached by Ofgem and a number of energy suppliers to develop a new initiative to support residents living in park homes.

Research had highlighted that park home owners were an often vulnerable yet forgotten group that were unable to afford to heat their homes. Although the Government offers schemes to help reduce energy bills, and pay for increased heating costs over the winter, the park homes community were mostly unable to access these funds as they didn’t hold direct accounts with the energy providers.


families being supported


Park Homes kept warm over winter


of support with energy costs


rebate delivered to park home residents

Park Homes targets people who cannot access WHD £140 rebate because they do not have a traditional supplier.  We know the payments we make are impactful – the families we support are often elderly and living in leaky homes that are hard to heat and keep warm.  Coupled with the fact that Park Home residents often have limited or fixed incomes, and are unable to shop around for cheaper energy deals.  I am proud because it’s simple, effective, and practical and I have seen the difference first hand.  And it’s unique too.

Allyson Broadhurst, Charis

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