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Clarion Ready2Work Scheme

Charis have partnered with Clarion Futures to deliver training and qualification opportunities to their social housing residents – delivering a unique scheme which makes a significant impact in people’s lives.

Charis have been a very proud partner with Clarion Futures in delivering their Ready2Work scheme. We can see the tangible positive impact on individuals in the Clarion community.

The grant scheme has three core elements catering to the various circumstances of the customers applying for support. The various parts of the grant programme allow Clarion to support residents at all stages of the employment journey. Whether it is accessing qualifications, support when in-role, or that help you need when setting-up a business alone. In the previous 12 months 2558 people have found jobs following engagement with the scheme. For those who have started their own business, this has a huge impact not only for them but the employment opportunities of the local area.


Provides access to training and qualifications related to gaining employment and/or career development. For example, funding an accreditation course for a resident who would like to become a Councillor. Working with Clarion Futures, we tried to implement a process which was as flexible as possible and provide grants for whatever the applicant needs. The award is therefore responsive and designed to support individual learning and development.


Removes financial barriers for residents who have secured employment but are faced with the costs relating to starting a new job. For example travel costs, clothing and work related equipment. The funding enables individuals to overcome the financial barriers providing small grants when employment is secured.

Business start up

Financially supports community entrepreneurs to enable them to start their own business. Every applicant can access one-to-one support from a dedicated Business Advisor who will provide guidance on business plans forecasts, marketing, and identifying competitors.

As part of the support a significant grant is provided to support residents with the development costs of their new business. The support continues once the grant has been awarded with 4 month and 12-month reviews. If additional grant funding can be provided, support continues until the resident’s business becomes established.


jobs secured in last 12 months


grants provided in last 12 months


value of grants in last 12 months

The Charis portal gives us efficiency and control over our household grants programme – we can select which staff can award which items, set a range of authorisation limits and have access to auditable reports that ensures we can keep track of spend against budgets. The Charis team have always been approachable and positive in working together to find solutions to challenging fulfilment problems.

Stephanie Noyce, Head of Financial Inclusion and Digital , Clarion Futures

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