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Winter Warmth Bundles

Stay warm this winter with Charis winter warmth bundles for those in need.

Households struggling to keep warm can receive instant relief from the cold with Charis’ winter bundles, available through its Charis Shop platform.

As temperatures drop, every small improvement can make a difference to helping people keep both themselves, and their homes, warm. Getting this help to people in a timely, convenient and cost effective manner can literally be life saving to hundreds of thousands of people living in vulnerable situations across the UK. Charis’ winter bundles are designed to respond to the needs of these people, giving them multiple ways simple and effective ways of keeping warm.

According to the NEA (National Energy Action) about 3.26 million UK homes struggle with fuel poverty. With the cost of living still high on the agenda for the foreseeable future, households are having to cope with the day to day dilemma of keeping the heating on, or putting food on the table.

This dilemma is damaging not just to the physical well-being of each member of the household but also to their mental well-being. Charis partners can offer these Winter Warmth bundles through the Charis Shop, helping to alleviate the immediate impact of cold homes.

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Organisations can open a Charis Shop account free of charge, giving them immediate online access to the bundles as well as a huge range of energy, food, and retailer vouchers, appliances, devices, and furniture.