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British Gas

How can we help you?

British Gas partner with Charis to help households who need extra support to keep warm over winter.

For those schemes currently open you will be taken off our website to the suppliers to apply or access more information. For those schemes coming soon, we recommend you register your interest as early as possible. Remember that registering your interest is not an application, but a request to be contacted when your supplier’s scheme opens.

Open schemes

Below are the schemes which are currently open to British Gas customers. To apply, or find more information, for any schemes you will be taken off this website to the suppliers.

Currently open

Warm Home Discount – British Gas

British Gas Warm Home Discount 2022/2023 is a seasonal scheme that provides support to households who may struggle to keep warm over winter. If you live in England or Wales, you do not need to make an application, the DWP will tell your electricity supplier directly if you qualify for £150 credit towards your energy bills.

If you live in Scotland, we manage the Warm Home Discount scheme on behalf of British Gas with successful applicants receiving a £150 credit towards their energy bills by 31 March.

If you live in Scotland and your electricity is currently supplied by British Gas you can apply here. It’s important that you have a valid email address so you can receive the decision outcome and any requests for information.


We currently have no schemes in the pipeline but please visit regularly as this could change.